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    Print Server

    I want to set up my computer so that it is far from the printer....but i don't want to use cables to connect them(too much of a mess...and i would need too long cables!) I know my next answer would be to either put a computer by the printer, and i could print through that computer...or i could get a print server...but the thing is that my main computer is not on wifi. So if i got a wireless print server, would it connect to my i would be able to get to it. Or would i need a wifi card for my computer... I also can't connect the Print Server to the router, because it is right next to my computer...Are there any other solutions that i am missing, and if i did have to get a wireless card...could i still connect to the internet through a Cat5(More reliable)?

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    Something like that you hook it up, make sure it is connecting to your wireless router, and any PC on your network, wireless or not, will be able to print.

    But you have to make sure the wireless print server you purchase is compatible with your router.. and you might have to configure some settings in your router/PC.

    But you don't need a wireless card in the PC to print on the print server.

    If you curious about installation of the above linked product from dlink:

    You can see the guide listed there that runs through how to setup and install the wireless print server.
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