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Thread: Saferfox Xpanded 2.3.1 - Firefox Theme

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    Saferfox Xpanded 2.3.1 - Firefox Theme

    Saferfox Xpanded 2.3.1 2.3.1, by mankin, released on December 05, 2004

    Saferfox Xpanded 2.3.1 preview -
    Quick Description

    Ready to the futur of the web. Icons credits by Lynchknot, Susumu and Sam Kreuger !

    Requires: Firefox: 1.0 - 1.0+

    trying it out now

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    Apparently he does not speak english too well. I complained to him that he used my theme - updated it and improved it - and put his name on it. He never got permission from Sam or Susumi but he credited all of us thinking that was ok (after I raised issue) - I gave up and let him have his way. I hope Sam and Susumi don't mind because I wrote them for permission and made the rest of the icons myself.
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    I like it ok, but for some reason my system at work has no link buttons...

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