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Thread: The Great Loki Torrent SCAM

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    The Great Loki Torrent SCAM

    Seems ol Ed Webber of might have pulled of one of the greatest scams in the piracy world.. he pirated the P2P piggybanks...

    Say it ain't so:

    The above and more were the initial questions most p2pr's had in mind when news broke that the MPAA had gained control of Loki Torrent.

    As the writing of this article began to gain momentum, many inconsistencies began arising that clearly show that Lokitorrent is not in the hands of the MPAA (At least not because of a court order), nor we're the owners fined a million dollars.

    1) LokiTorrent never provided the name or details of any lawyer representing the internet site. No federal judge's name has been listed anywhere throughout the so-called proceedings. Texas courts have no record of any filed judicial proceedings on behalf of the MPAA against Loki Torrent and/or Ed Webber.

    2) During the same period of time that Loki was making tens of thousands of dollars monthly via donations, the owners of Loki Torrent were also actively trying to sell the domain. for Sale ::

    In effort to convince p2p'rs to continue donating and not to believe Loki's intent to sell, this is what the owner published in his defense:

    Loki Torrent's Selling on :: Explanation
    If some guy offers me $75K for the domain name, he's more than welcome to it, and I'll simply move the site to a different domain. Selling the entire site will never happen. I have way too much of myself in this site to sell it for any price (well, 2 million could get me to part with it, lol.. but let's live in reality).

    3) The only reports of this so-called "law suit" are based entirely on the front page of the internet site. The MPAA and Texas Federal Court list no public record of a lawsuit nor is the MPAA or the courts willing to back up Lokitorrent claims of being ordered to hand over webserver ip logs and pay a 1 million dollar penalty. J. Borland of (and other related news resources) apparently based their entire news articles by information received directly from Mr. Ed Webber (the owner of This information was received by calling Mr. Webber directly at telephone number (207) 752-3481.

    4) Was LokiTorrent ever actually sued by the MPAA? According to the initial reports published via various websites, most people were led to have believed that the torrent site was "surrendered" to the MPAA.

    According to a recent article, Loki was alledgedly sued in Dallas, Texas federal court. Besides the testimony of the owner of Lokitorrent, no other information, public or private, can be found to establish the veracity of that statement.

    A quick search to Texas Court Records DOES NOT reveal any court appearances or cases filed on behalf of the MPAA and/or Edward Webber, owner of Loki Torrent.

    If had been sued in Dallas Federal Courts, then some type of public record would appear. NO ONLINE RECORD APPEARS WHATSOEVER! ( Texas Court Search Engine )

    5) While writing this report, a quick WHOIS for the ownership information of reveals the following info:

    Domain Name: IP:

    Administrative Contact, Billing Contact, Technical Contact:
    Webber, E
    PO Box 7662
    Portland, ME 04112
    Phone: +1.2077523481

    Why would Edward Webber of still appear as "owner" and "administrator" of Loki Torrent if in fact the MPAA had taken over the site?

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    It's a shame.

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