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Thread: Bandwidth limiting

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    Bandwidth limiting

    I've got 4 computer on a home network, connection is 2Mb down/1Mb up. It's more than enough for all 4 comps to run what they need: online vids, radio, net games, surfing etc...
    A problem arises when someone decides to download movies, games, tv shows etc, non stop, choaking the connection and leaving everybody else with a slow laggy connection.

    Is there a program that limits bandwidth that is password controlled? I manage the 4 computers, so i'm at liberty to install what is needed.
    I have NetLimiter on my pc, but that's accessed by anyone who wants to just raise the limit.

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    Do you have a hub or a switch?

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    when you tell this software to limit bandwidth, it do its job fairly

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    Quote Originally Posted by lewell

    when you tell this software to limit bandwidth, it do its job fairly
    Installed and tested it. Looks like a good app, but it doesn't have any sort of password control and looks like it needs to be installed on a PC gateway.

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