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Thread: Shareing pc wireless internet connection with mac (via. cable)

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    Shareing pc wireless internet connection with mac (via. cable)

    I have a wireless internet connection on my pc notebook, and I've been avoiding paying for an ISP because I get a pretty consistant free connection at home. However, my roomate has an old mac laptop (ibook clamshell - circa 2000). She doesn't have a wireless card, so I'm trying to share my internet connection with her. I connected our computers with an ethernet cord but her computer can't access the internet connection. I've tried setting the IP addresses, but it keeps saying that the only "host" computer can have the address and that a computer on the network already has that address - which I'm assuming is the address of whomever I'm "borrowing" the connection from. Her computer can definitly access the internet, it has an ethernet card and it works when she's at home.

    I've tried running the network wizard and everything...

    Is there a way to share my connection with her? a different setting? do I need to buy something else?

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    Set her computer ethernet connection for DHCP - this is default in MacOS.
    Sounds like you are stealing someones bandwidth though - that's cheap but not clever.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    Is there a wireless internet connection that I can use from my pc(desktop) to my MACOS. I have high speed on my pc but need to have it on my mac.
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    A wireless router would help you out NYkr

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