With the plethora of content available via podcasting these days, Iíve been giving serious consideration to purchasing an iPod. In fact, a friend is looking to upgrade to an iPod Photo and is willing to cut me a deal on his 40GB model, complete with cable, dock, and iTrip. Given I run Linux everywhere these days, I figured I best get a move on and make sure Iíll be able to get the most out of my new gadget.

A recent Wired article featuring iPodder founder and former MTV host Adam Curry made ipodder.org my first stop; a sidebar even mentioned iPodder software was available for Windows, Mac and, lo and behold, Linux. As it turns out, there's not one specific iPodder client, and there are several to choose from for Linux.

I poked around a little and decided to start with jPodder. Written in Java, jPodder is itself cross-platform and has a simple GUI. Java's already included in Slackware, so I downloaded jPodder, unzipped it, and ran the installer: java -jar install.jar.

The installation was fast and easy and it installs jPodder to your home directory by default: ~/jPodder. It also creates a separate PodCasts folder in your home directory. Azureus (a Java BitTorrent client) is included with jPodder.

The Jpodder Website:

The Full Jpodder First Impressions Article:

Great info for those with an ipod wanting to use it with Linux.