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Thread: Serial cable signal booster

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    Serial cable signal booster

    Aboard our tanker, we have run a CAT5 cable about 60 feet from the captain's office to the bridge to connect his computer with the cell/sat phone modem. This setup worked fine with a short cable but now we need to boost the signal because the longer run is causing weak signals and dropped calls. What would be the best way to boost that signal? The cable is a CAT5 cable of twisted pairs using four pins of serial connectors for the plugs (if that will help).

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    have you tryed a power line booster, thiers a few at circut city,

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    Cat-6 is the latest and greatest type of UTP cabling and is the fastest standard. The downside is that copper-based UTP is more prone electrical signal interference and requires signal boosts at shorter intervals - every 100 metres

    Shielded Twisted Pair prevents interference better than UTP, because the cabling is 'shielded', providing higher protection against electrical interference, however it is more costly and difficult to install. As a consequence, STP is rarely used to cable Ethernet networks. STP only supports transmissions speeds of up to 100 Mbps and each cable length is also limited to 100 meters before requiring a signal boost.

    Coaxial cable can be run over longer distances before a signal boost is required - up to 500 meters.

    Fiber Optic cabling supports transmission speeds of more than 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second, alternatively known as 1000 Mbps), making it the fastest cabling choice. It can also be run for longer distances than UTP, i.e. over 100 metres
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    Check out this device it may do the trick for you.

    WTI (Western Telematic, Inc.) -RS-232 Data Repeater/ Data Booster: Extend serial transmission distances, filter - presented by Bomara Associates

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    Damn Tink. I didn't know anyone still used RS-232.
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