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Thread: Lavasofts ad-aware disabling spybot s&d?

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    Lavasofts ad-aware disabling spybot s&d?

    found this juicy info on spybots homepage:

    AdAware users please update![link] 11. March 2005False Positives (invalid detection of clean files) seems to have increased in the whole malware sector over the past months. Worse, there are more and more cases where files of competing products are detected. I have only numbers for our own software being misinterpreted as malware, but those are bad enough: two years ago, it started with Pest Patrol detecting our files cd_clint.dll and zipdll.dll. NetCop did detect our, Trend Micro PC-Cillin our SDHelper.dll, PandaSoft about our immunization (very eager to solve the problem immediatly), and McAfee AntiSpyware our English.sbl.

    The newest occasion is LavaSoft, whose AdAware detected our main application file, SpybotSD.exe, as malware belonging to 180solutions. Our detectives confirmed to me that there should be no mistaking be possible as from file names, sizes etc. 180solutions up to their newest versions is fundamentally different.

    Usually, we try to solve these FPs within a day, because they're harming our customers and are creating a bad reputation about both the offending and the harmed product, and usually it's easy to get into contact with someone responsible. With Lavasoft though, that was impossible - they did neither react at all to our contact attempts, nor even to those of an attorney (update: not even within a week).

    From what we've found out later, they have fixed this by now (according to the LavaSoft forums, in update SE1R32 10.03.2005, though their update announcement does not confirm this). Still, to those who deleted Spybot-S&D because AdAware misinterpreted it as malware, we can assure you we are associated in no way at all with 180solutions, and you can re-install Spybot-S&D again.

    Read more and additional comments here,

    Not lookung good for lavasoft. These two programs went hand in hand until ad-aware stopped detecting data monger "WhenU" and decided all versions of WhenU spyware as safe to be there. And now, Ad-aware is deleting spybot (even if only until another update) is very alarming. What is going on with this company? Is there a battle brewing to overtake lavasofts gem by creating the kinda bad pr that is normally reserved for the spyware companies themselves?

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    I think Lavasoft sold itself out...I personally never liked the app and have always used S&D.

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    Wow... what a crying shame... i've been on the ad-aware bandwagon for ages... but the WhenU fiasco and now Spybot... it is getting very disappointing... I agree with Stripe, something behind the scenes has changed and using bad tactics to try and further business

    Let's hope Spybot don't retaliate, as that would just escilate the 'wars'...

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    Tell ya what, when whole industries are based on the fact that another industry
    sucks (MS windows) its time to change to Linux or Apple..... Geeeesh

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