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    Unhappy media.fastclick

    I've noticed when I browse the internet, I get a popup on my screen. The popup refers to hotbar which is in fact spyware. When I look at the scource code though, I see "". This sucker managed to get into my computer and I can't for the life of me get rid of it.

    Now I'd like to think I am as protected as can be. I am running a firewall, an antivirus scanner and I have lots of spyware scanners installed on my system. I am running: ewido security suite, abtrusion protector, Microsoft Antispyware, perfect process shield, spyware guard, pest patrol, adaware, spybot, system spyware interrogator, xp anti-spy, spywareblaster, bazooka spyware scanner and BHODemon and none of these have found that one pest that is still lingering in my system. I also have ran HijackThis. I've even checked in the registry under run/runservices and found nothing.

    So you see...having just one or two spyware scanners just isn't enough. If one doesn't detect anything, then the others will. So it is a good idea to have more than one and have quite a few. Maybe I have a bit much but's for the better. :-) Now my question is....where am I NOT looking? Can anyone tell me where I this thing may be residing? Thanks for your help. :-)

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    Various options to try:

    Look in Control Panel > Add/Remove programs for the following entries:
    "HotBar" ,"Web Tools by HotBar", "Outlook tools by HotBar" and "Shopper reports by HotBar". Highlight each one and click Remove.


    Download and run the Symantec Adware.Hotbar Removal Tool


    Download and run the HotBar Adware Removal Tool 1.0 available from Majorgeeks.
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