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Thread: Do I dump NIS in favor or SP2 firewall?

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    Do I dump NIS in favor or SP2 firewall?

    Im going to install SP2 on my system and I have NIS 2003 running. Once SP2 is installed do I turn off NIS, since SP2 has it's own firewall or do I keep it up and running?

    Can both of them run together?

    For those of you who have SP2's firewall running and also have another firewall program, what have you done? Have you dumped your previous firewall? Disabled SP2's firewalll? Run them both?

    Thanks in advance for your advice

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    I don't use NIS so I will simply get the topic moving by saying you can run a software firewall in addition to xp firewall.

    I am using router security and xp firewall.
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    I would dump one. because gonna be a pain to configure and maintain 2 at the same time
    as efc said most of us use 1 firewall behind a hardware router. seems to keep most of the bugs out.

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    you cannot run two at the same time (firewalls)... or you're not supposed to at least (that's what I've heard). On my desktop I use the windows XP firewall, and my laptop I use umm *thinking*.. the free zone alarm thingy. I would have used it again but I thought, "Whatever"...

    Oh yeah, to your question on what firewall to use... use whichever you want...


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    Quote Originally Posted by adiemus
    you cannot run two at the same time (firewalls
    Sure you can. I have the SP2 firewall enabled, also using Sygate PFW, and behind a router...ain't NUTTIN getting in!!

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    You should check compatibility.. I have NIS 2002, and it wont work properly with SP2, caused blue screens and the like... just using windows firewall atm, and making sure no spyware/malware gets installed from shareware apps, bad website etc as SP2 firewall doesnt block outgoing connections

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