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Thread: ATI Catalyst 5.4 Driver Suite (2000/XP/XP Media Center Edition)

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    ATI Catalyst 5.4 Driver Suite (2000/XP/XP Media Center Edition)

    Enhance and accelerate the visual experience with CATALYST, ATIís industry-leading software suite. Real-time 3D and immersive games spring to life with CATALYST. CATALYST includes Display Driver, HYDRAVISION ,MULTIMEDIA CENTER and REMOTE WONDER and CATALYST Control Center.

    View: Catalyst 5.4 release notes

    View: List of fixes


    Download software package: 2000/XP (24.6 MB) | 2000/XP including Control Center (32.6 MB)

    Download software package: XP MCE (20.3 MB) | XP MCE including Control Center (28.4 MB)


    Individual downloads

    Download Display Driver: 2000/XP/XP MCE (8.6 MB)

    Download ATI Control Panel: 2000/XP/XP MCE (10.8 MB)

    Download CATALYST Control Center: 2000/XP (17.2 MB)

    Download WDM Capture Driver: 2000/XP (4.3 MB)

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    gee, Ati are releasing versions left right and centre... not too many fixes this time around, mainly bugs in the control panel/centre, lol, seems more "known limitations" than fixes

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