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Thread: can't change read only files

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    can't change read only files

    I seem to have a problem in XP home edition . After putting files in a shared folder and making them read only , I cannot change them from read only to read/write, even if I take them out of the shared folder. They seem to have been made PERMANENTLY read only. Is there a fix for this please?

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    A quick fix is to copy them to a different volume like a USB stick or another hard disk or even a floppy disk. They will inherit the properties of the new folder they are in. Beyond that would need more detail.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    are you using any firewall? like norton personal ...
    i had a prob to access file and folder properties as my norton personal firewall expiered ... prob was fixed as i uninstalled it.

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    Try in command prompt.

    attrib -r [drive:][path][filename]

    DOS can be a little intimidating at first. You might find it easier to first create a new folder in C: drive. Name it aaa. This will show it at the top when you look for it. Now copy or move the files you are working with into this folder. Once the files are in that folder do the following.

    cd aaa <enter>
    dir <enter> This will show you the files in the folder
    attrib -r *.* <enter> This will remove the read only attribute for all files in the folder

    Now open windows explorer and go t aaa. Right-click on any file and then click on properties. It should no longer have a check mark in that block.

    You can use the same procedure for "archive, system and hidden" attributes.
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