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Thread: The Deepnet Explorer - again

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    The Deepnet Explorer - again

    Anyone still using Deepnet Explorer, I am using it a bit cos users like IE and it's based on IE. I don't use anything but the browser bit and it seems OK apart from it permanently hijacks addressbar searches to - I suppose that must be their kickback. Like firefox it does the SHIFT-Click new window and ctrl-click new tab stuff, it's worth a look for anyone that loooves IE but doesn't want the spyware extensions.

    I just wonder if this search thing is a bit dodgy - then again I suppose all search engine sites collect data.

    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    I LOVE Deepnet Explorer. I'm using the tabs which makes it so much easier. I'm responding because I wanted you to know you don't have to use XPSN as the default search engine. You can have it default to Google, Yahoo, or MSN. If you're using XPSN as the default, customize it and then you have all the search engines without retyping what you're looking for. I was defaulting to Google, but now that I've customized XPSN, I like it better.
    Hope this helps.

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