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Thread: Adding RAM...Simple Questions

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    Adding RAM...Simple Questions


    I currently have an Intel desktop MoBo model D815EEA. It currently has 256MB PC133 SDRAM (one DIMM.) I want to upgrade the amount of RAM in my machine but I have 2 questions:

    1. I cannot change over to DDR RAM, right? DDR RAM will not work on this board, correct? The best I can add is more PC133 SDRAM, right?

    2. The Product Guide for the D815EEA MoBo says that the Maximum system memory is 512MB, and it explains that the system shows any amount of installed memory over 512MB as "not initialized." Does this mean that 512MB is really the most RAM I can ever have on this system? Is adding more than 512MB just a waste of time and money? Is there anyway to make this system accept more RAM? (I'd like to have 1GB of RAM.)

    Thank you very much in advance for you replies and advice!



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    1) Yes the only ram you can add is PC 133 SDRAM.

    2) There is no way to go over 512 mb since this is the limitation of your motherboard.

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    The D815EEA sports 3-DIMM slots for PC133 SDRAMs. It is able to hold up to 512MB of memory. Note that when a 66 MHz Celeron or 100 MHz Pentium III processor is installed on the board, PC133 SDRAMs (which run at 133 MHz) will only run at 100 MHz speed.

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    A suggestion. For a few more dollars make a significant upgrade. Buy an inexpensive Mobo and CPU combination then pick up 512 MB of PC 3200 memory. The deal I am recommending will cost $90 after rebates.

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    good deal efc, especially these days, PC133 memory is becoming rarer than Hen's teeth... and as EFc pointed out... most times it is cheaper to get a new AMD CPU + board then get access to latest memory specs Good deal again... hmm.. upgarde time??

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