I was given this by a friend. I thought I would pass it on.

Firefox extensions can be installed into Netscape 8 by changing these lines in the install.rdf file:


you can find your application id by typing about:config in the address bar and looking for app.version line it will have your id for your browser there.

The Application id is this: <em:id>{3db10fab-e461-4c80-8b97-957ad5f8ea47}</em:id>

These are the extensions that work properly (so far)

Allow Right-Click 0.1
Autofill 0.2
Ext2Abc 0.2
Gcache 0.2.1
Google Pagerank Status 0.9.2
Image Toolbar 0.5
ListZilla 0.5
Menu Editor 1.1
MR Tech's Local Install 1.2.5
Openhxxp 0.1
Plain Text Links 0.2
Slim Extension List 0.1
Sort Bookmarks 0.5.1
SpellBound 0.7.3
SpellBound Win32 Components 0.7.0
Statusbar Clock 1.6.4
Wayback 0.1.1
WeatherFox 0.5.1
Web Developer 0.9.2
xMirror 0.1.1

The Sky Pilot Classic theme is now available for download

The theme is located at,