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Thread: Trying to upgrade memory on my laptop.

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    Trying to upgrade memory on my laptop.

    I recently purchased a Compaq Armada laptop. Runs excellent but would like to upgrade the memory from 256 to 512. Pretty sure memory speed is like 133. Where can i find inexpensive memory? How would i go about physically changing the memory ie, opening the laptop, etc? Please help.

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    First you will want to check there. Using your Armada number whatever model it is, you will want to go see how much ram your armada can take. Some laptops have limits due to BIOS/Motherboard restrictions.

    If it can take 512MB of ram, as in 2 modules of PC133 SODIMM, then the best place to check would be

    They offer free shipping and excellent support. They also service nearly all makes and models of laptop.


    Also, for the installation of said modules you'll want to consort your manual.

    you can check there, using your armada number and there should be a support manual available. It makes it easy to change the ram.

    The usual steps are using a phillips head driver, remove ram module cover, install new ram module, then screw shut the ram module cover and boot the PC. Make sure it boots, check in my computer to see if the Ram has been found and badda bing, you're in business.

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