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Thread: Wi-Fi router or access point?

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    Wi-Fi router or access point?

    hi, thanks for looking!

    im confused over exactly what device i need to enable my wifi-g laptop to be able to surf the net using my PC's BT USB ADSL Voyager 100 modem?

    i have seen that an adsl modem/router will do it but do i need all that, or will just an access point be enough?

    truth be told i cant tell exactly what an access point actually is..

    any help would be great! cheers!

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    An access point plugs into your modem or router and sends out a signal to your wireless devices, cards etc...

    An access point would be enough I think. But if you want to connect wired and wireless devices you'd be better off getting a wireless router with wifi and ethernet ports. Now wireless devices go all the way to 108mbit I think. With wifi-g I think it's 54mbit but I am not too sure.

    Whatever you do, make sure you use some form of encryption.. like WEP or WAP.. WAP being the better of the two.

    A nice wireless access point at the link above.

    And if you want the wired capabilites of ethernet:

    that router would do at the wireless G standard.

    And in case you are interested here's an amazon link for the newest Super G standard at 108mbit:

    but you'd need to get a new wireless adapter for that to work at 108mbit.. (which is just a theoretical max)..

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