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Thread: Windows NT TCP/IP install prob

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    Windows NT TCP/IP install prob

    Hi all
    I am selling a computer for a friend. It is a Compaq AP200. Initially the HDD on it packed up, so I installed a new one for my friend and used the Compaq "Restore" CD that came with the machine to get a "legal" OS back on there so it can be sold "fully operational". However, I have no experience with NT - it looks a bit "doggy" to my eyes... Anyway, all I want to do at the moment is get a connection with the network card to my ADSL router. To do that, I have install to TCP/IP in the Network settings. So far, so good. However, once I get to that stage, the computer asks for the install CD (which I can't use as it is only a Restore CD) so I point NT to the i386 folder on "C" for the "Telnet" application it's looking for. Then the problem starts: it just sits there with the HDD light flashing every second or so. I tried doing a restart after 5 mins the first time, but when I had rebooted, there was no TCP/IP. This time, I've left it for over an hour, and it's still being a pig! As much as I don't want to waste time on an old PIII 500, I'm hoping to sell the whole system (incl monitor) for around $200, so it would be nice to get it "talking" to the outside world.

    Please help!!!

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    Have you tried copying the contents of the restore CD to a folder, and then when it asks for the install CD, point it to that folder?

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