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Thread: original ISP wont go away

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    original ISP wont go away

    I bought a dell inspiron 5100 lap top from my brother.
    He originallly had Earthlink for his ISP. After that he had cable installed.
    Does anybody know how to get all the Earthlink off of this computer.

    It still has files and programs on the laptop that will not go away.

    They have to bee hidden or deep in the registry, my brother is a bit more skilled at removing these things than I am. He couldn't find it so I'm gonna ask for help.

    Basicall what I find so far is files and programs for the Earthlink, every time I check files or run registry cleaning software. I just wondered of there is a tool, or process to rid my puter of this unneeded stuff.

    I am writing this post from a different computer. I haven't started using the lap top at home yet. Gotta get my router here.

    I had a mixup a few months ago by postin Hijack this logs from two different computers. The fine people giving me advice asked that I specify in my post if I am asking about a computer different than the one being used to ask for advice.
    So I did,

    Thanks all for the help, I have learned alot and gotten alot of help from this site.



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    How was Earthlink uninstalled, through Add & Remove or Earthlink uninstaller ?

    I would reinstall Earthlink and then uninstall it again with Add & Remove.

    Just for you I installed Earthlink and then uninstalled it. It left a folder in program files which I deleted and then I ran RegScrubXP and it got rid of the Reg entries.

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