Bram Cohen, the creator and lead developer of the BitTorrent protocol, has said BitTorrent 2 is lower priority than his other projects.

In an interview for the opening episode of P2P Revolution, a new weekly audio show produced in association with, Bram Cohen said,

[BitTorrent 2 has] unfortunately been lower priority than some other things were working on right now. More work has been done on it, I think I pretty much have it laid out, it is just a matter of when it becomes a priority to actually get it implemented.

It is nearly a year since details first emerged for the follow up to original BitTorrent file distribution protocol, which was developed to overcome the problems of content distribution using central servers.

Features which Cohen plans to include in BitTorrent 2, including distributed tracking with DHT and UDP to improve transfer efficiency, have already been implemented into the Azureus BitTorrent client.

However, in his interview, Cohen insists his client remains the superior of the two,

The latest version of the BitTorrent client does all the really important things, it does queuing it has much nicer queuing than Azureus does and of course there is the BitTorrent core, which is much better than Azureus core, in terms of just raw performance and stability.


Quite interesting. I should think the guy should reap some reward for his highly successful piece of software. It does a damn fine job at spreading content quickly on a non-centralized distribution system.