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Thread: New harddrive formating very slowly

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    New harddrive formating very slowly

    Hi all, I just bought a new 250GB Hitachi drive for my system but it's taking a HUGE amount of time to format. It's now been going for almost 24 hours and it's stuck on 64%. It went from 0-55% in around 40 minutes, but after that it's been crawling. I'm formating through W2k's Computer management console and was thinking of just aborting it and getting a bootdisk to do it with fdisk but I'm not sure if aborting a format is a good idea? Also if it still goes slowly then I'll be stuck out of my computer and have no music.
    The other oddity is that it is plugged in with a pci controller card, so I could plug it in to a motherboard slot to see if that helps?
    Any of this sound like a good idea, or should I just let it run it's course?

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    Hook it directly to the motherboard, start a new formatting session. Probably it hit some bad chunks and stopped formatting or something... Give it another go. It shouldn't mess up your system to format again in the middle of a failed previous format.

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    If BB's suggestion doesn't work, get a friend to download and burn utilitites from here - LINK
    Linux Mint Debian Edition

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    make sure the m/b or pci card support the large drive. also update win2k. i believe the updated win2k has support for large drive formatting

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