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Thread: Standard Wars

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    Standard Wars

    The president of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (NYSE: MC) put his foot down today, leaving it up to Toshiba to yield its position in discussions over a unified format for next-generation DVD technology.

    Kunio Nakamura said his company -- and its partner Sony (NYSE: SNE) -- won't back down. The powerful duo supports Blu-ray. Toshiba supports HD-DVD, a newer DVD technology. Negotiations about which standard will prevail have seemingly all but stopped.

    "The talks continue, they have not collapsed," Nakamura told a group of reporters in Tokyo. "But Matsushita and Sony have not changed their stance. We are waiting for Toshiba's decision."

    Both sides -- which have lined up substantial hardware manufacturing and content provider support -- seem fixed on their own technology as the best solution. But leading industry observers to continue warning that we may be in store for "Beta vs. VHS II" that could stymie industry growth.

    Full article here

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    yea... i've been hearing bits and pieces of this for a bit... i hope they come to some agreement soon. there was one article i read where both sides seemed to agree that they wanted to avoid standard war... since it will actually hinder progress.

    it would seem, however, that may not be the case.

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