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Thread: Display Problem

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    Display Problem

    Dont know where exactly to post this...

    My display got changed to 4bit color and 800x600. System Restore doesnt change my settings back to color and high res. I cannot reinstall drivers from a CD (some error).
    Probably might be a virus of some kind. Housecall and Mcafee detect nothing.
    Everything else works fine. My display card is detected by my OS in Display Properties.

    How do I change it back?

    Edit - I scanned with avg 7.0 free (updated), but found nothing. Could this be a hardware problem? If so, how so I check it out.
    I think my motherboard has onboard graphics, so if my graphics card fails, shouldnt that work?
    Nothing appears to be wrong with my monitor, no overheating, nothing.

    Do I need to reinstall xp?

    Edit 2 - I loaded the Ubuntu Live CD and everything seems fine (color, etc). But in Windows, when I move the mouse (or otherwise), the screen jerks or something.
    Since the Live CD works fine, nothing is wrong with my hardware...
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    Have you tried to remove the Display Adapter in the Device Manager. You should be able to reinstall drivers when you reboot.
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    Does sound like an OS issue at this point. Is it onboard Intel graphics? Like efc stated uninstall the video adapter from Device Manager and reboot. Let us know what happens.

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