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    Article from Wired News discusses the exploits of four young men and their dealings with various law enforcement agencies. These young men could be it big trouble.

    These clowns stole thousands of peoples private records in multiple theft events.

    It was interesting to me that they did not want Wired News to use their names since they haven't been charged with a crime. Hard to deal with. They steal tens of thousands of person's personal information and don't want their identity revealed.

    You all know my feelings about these creeps. They should get out of jail in time for their 50th birthday.

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    I think ultra private information like credit card numbers and social security numbers should be stored offline without a data connection to them for infiltration... but with the way commerce and databases work today that looks to be like an impossibility.

    It is funny that they steal users identities and information yet use fake names when it comes time for an interview with Wired. LOL

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