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Thread: Installing OS X on a PC

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    Installing OS X on a PC

    Run mac os X on your pc

    Step 1:
    Make a folder call C:\PearPC

    Step 2: Download this zip file and extract all the files inside this zip file to C:\PearPC folder. This zip file contains

    PearPC 0.3.1 (ppc.exe),

    PearPC config file (ppccfg.txt),

    My PearPC config file Editor (PPC_CFE.exe),[You need .Net Framework Installed for it to run]

    Hard Drive image maker by a forum member (buildhdd.exe) and

    Some other reaquired files for PearPC to run

    After this step your C:\PearPC folder should look like this

    read more

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    I think BB has had some good experience trying out PearPC... the results werent all too bad either

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