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Thread: Apache uninstall bug

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    Apache uninstall bug

    I've just uninstalled Apache 1.3 of my Laptop running XP SP1
    I then tryed to install V2.0 but the installer exits ???
    I also tryed to install V1.3 again, but this exits the installer too.

    So i did some poking around and found that although I've uninstalled Apache, the service name still remains in the services list.(is this causing the problem, how do I remove services from the list???)

    I've manualy deleted the Apache group folder.

    Is there any config files i need to remove?

    Thanks if you can help


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    To remove an Apache service, use:

    apache -u -n "service name"

    The default "service name", if one is not specified, is "Apache".

    You will do this in the command prompt.

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