The unified Catalyst software suite delivers a full software solution for supported Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems

All ATI products use the same Catalyst driver ensuring all products take advantage of the incredible performance, stability, innovative features, and incredible visual quality that the Catalyst software suite have to offer.

View: Catalyst 5.6 release notes


Download software package: 2000/XP/XP MCE (25 MB) | 2000/XP/XP MCE including Control Center (33 MB)


Individual downloads

Download Display Driver: 2000/XP/XP MCE (10 MB)

Download ATI Control Panel: 2000/XP/XP MCE (10 MB)

Download CATALYST Control Center: 2000/XP/XP MCE (16 MB)

Download WDM Integrated Driver: 2000/XP/XP MCE (4 MB)