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Thread: VERY annoying spyware\trojan

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    VERY annoying spyware\trojan

    I download stupid file that put a very annoying spyware\trojan in my computer wich made my CD-ROM eject when I close it, the computer got slow and I norton antivirus stop responding. I cheated this spyware\trojan by entering safe mode and creating another user, then I restarted, loged to this user and scaned the computer through norton antivirus, I nfixed the problem.
    today I turn on my computer and the same problem happends again, only this time there is no trace of that spyware\trojan on my computer,
    then everything turned normal again.
    what's the reason for that?
    technical details:
    the spyware\trojan's name is: buddy.exe
    norton antivirus doesn't give me more data.
    I use xp sp2 up to date.

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    Ceres is a new(ish) variant of the VX2/ABetterInternet adware/spyware/trojan there is a full explanation of it here.
    It doesn't do anything with your CDRom drive - I have seen it on many computers, however it is often accompanied by many other adware, spyware and trojan programs - any of which could be a problem.

    Your fastest and most likely to win option is to download the trial version of SpySweeper from WebRoot and give your PC a full scan to see what it turns up. Other anti-spyware programs include
    All of which are available in either a Free or 'Free to try' version - they all clean things up but none of them are perfect so as they are free you may as well try them all.

    For extra power removing naughty stuff there is also the fantastic HijackThis, Pocket Killbox and Security Task Manager but these tools all require a much higher level of malware and OS knowledge or can result in mare damage.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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