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Thread: Wireless Linking

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    Wireless Linking

    Okay here's the deal. My next-door neighbour has an open wireless network with broadband that I can access from my house.
    However I only have one computer with a wireless NIC.
    I also have a wireless router.

    I would like to somehow serve this broadband to my entire network, and I had a couple of ideas for how to do this, but I don't know how to implement either.

    I don't seriously plan on leeching internet off my neighbour but I am trying to do this to increase my knowledge of wireless networks.

    I thought if I could somehow connect the one computer with a wireless NIC to both this external network and my own wireless router and then set it so that all other computers on my network can access the other network then it would do it, but I don't know how to do this. From my google attempts I have gathered that it is possible, but I didn't understand what the thread that I found was telling me to do.
    (I know I could physically connect the WNIC computer to my router to do this, but what would that teach me? and besides I can't find a spare network cable).

    The other idea I had (and this probably has a simple yes or know answer) was that maybe I could somehow give my wireless router the details of the other network and then it could connect to the network. This would obviously be better solution but I doubt it's possible.

    I am running WinXP on every machine and my wireless router is the Actiontec 54mbps - Model: GT704-WR.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please?


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    Get a job.

    Maybe that was a little harsh, I apologise.
    If you connect to your neighbours wireless without asking or being granted his/her permission that in the eyes of the law is stealing. Do you wish to go to prison?
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    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmeraldBreast
    I don't seriously plan on leeching internet off my neighbour...
    I love that line...

    How about seriously purchasing your own internet and setting up a wireless access point... what area are you in? War-driving sounds good

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