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Thread: Computer not starting...dead bois?

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    Computer not starting...dead bois?


    My computer (3.0 ghz, xp sp2, 1 gig, geforce gt6600) is not starting up.

    My computer has always been on for the longest time. Two days ago, I decided to shut it down, but when I tried starting it up yesterday, the machine would turn on (fan would turn and case light would come on) for only a few second before it dies. I thought the bios battery was not powering bois, because if I unplug the power long enough, the machine would turn on for a few second, but any attempt after that, the machine would only turn on as long as I got a finger on the on button and die when I release button. I thought any attempt the second time fully drains the battery from the first attempt, so thatís why it only turn on when Iím pressing button.

    I decided to reset bios according to manual, but now the machine wouldn't even turn fan turning or case lights. Any suggestions out there?

    What I noticed is even though my machine would not turn on, the motherboard light would turn on. Also, the power supplies fan is on turning on. Does the power suppply fan automatically turn on even though bios is messed up? Could I have a power supply issue? Does a dead bois instruct machine to shut down?



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    If the LED on the motherboard is coming on it most likely indicates that the power supply is ok. does the light come on and stay on when the power is plugged in? If so, the first things that get power after that are the proc and memory. You could try pulling all memory from the board to see if you get any beep codes and to see if the system stays on.

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    The first fault you described - only turn on for a few seconds is usually indicative of the Processor fan being faulty. The fan speed is usually monitored by the mobo and if it doesn't reach a certain value of RPM the mobo will shut down.

    When you reset the bios was that just shorting out the bios jumper? You should set the jumper back as it was or the system may not boot at all, there is usually a warning in the manual about it and telling you that leaving the jumper set can damage the mobo.

    Dead systems can also be caused by some kind of electronic tomfoolery with the processor pins and many systems can come back to life when you remove and reseat the processor.
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    I think you may be right about the power supply.

    Things I would try. Try to boot after each.
    1. Remove and reset all cards.
    2. Find the "Clear CMOS" jumper and follow directions to reset to default.
    3. If you have more than one stick of memory, use one then the other by itself. If one stick is bad, you should find it that way.
    4. Substitute another power supply, if possible.
    5. Substitute another video card.
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    Get long stick and wedge it between the power button and something else hehe

    Seriously though, it sounds like your experiencing multiple issues. I'd highly suggest replacing the power supply if you haven't already.

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    try unpluggin some case fans and cd drives and see if it starts with the bare essentials....that was happinin to a friend of mine and once we did that it would start so we shut it back down and plugged everything back in and it worked fine afterwards

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    what type of motherboard do you have an ATX, AT, etc? If it is an AT, which I dont think it is if you have a 3 ghz pentium, then the problem is the power supply if it is not an At then there is ia problem with the motherboard. I say this because you say that the only way to keep your computer on is to hold the power button down. Of course I may be wrong altogether, so I would try their suggestions before doing things to your motherboard.

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    Perhaps check the motherboard power cables. Unplug and plug back in. I've had HDD and DVD cables somehow (dust, dirt?) loose conductivity, even though they were plugged in.
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    This sounds stupid but anything can effect a computer. If none of the above work try this.

    My neighbor had a similar problem. What I did was change the the ps plug from the harddrive and switched it with another like the cdrom ps plug. works fine now.

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