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Thread: Problems with my computer

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    Problems with my computer

    Hey guys,
    I hooked up my computer upon my return from college only to have it reboot itself twice and then completely shutdown (my computer is a Compaq with XP). When I start the computer a black screen comes up, which stays blank except for a blinking white dash, then a message comes up saying that "boot attempt was unsuccessful" or something along that line and to hit a key. The same message just appears again below the first message. The computer also does not recognize the system recovery disks and I do not have the money to get it to a shop right now.
    Does anyone know of anyway to fix this problem?

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    Welcome to Techzonez. Are you familiar with the inside of the computer at all? First off I would recommend reseating the IDE/Power connections to the hard drive and cd drives inside it.

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    You could try borrowing an XP cd from a friend or relative. Then run the recovery console, try to fix the MBR, or you could do a repair install. Or you could format and start fresh, using the CD key from your PC.

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