Samurai version 2.2
A Host-based Intrusion Prevention System:
This article describes the steps necessary to secure your Windows operating system from malicious exploits. The solutions listed below will protect you from every major vulnerability found on the Internet today. If by chance you would prefer to use tested software to enable these solutions, just click (above) to download the most recent version of Samurai. This Host-based Intrusion Prevention System will secure your machine using the solutions listed below.
I only use it for the Rootkit feature as it tends to unhook (disable) other apps such as Process Guard

DISABLE ROOTKITS: Clear existing rootkits and prevent future loading.

This solution hooks system calls to prevent the loading of rootkits and refreshes the kernelís system call table to clear existing rootkits. This solution also contains a user interface that informs the operator when attempts are made to load device drivers during normal operation. This can only be accomplished with the Samurai HIPS