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Thread: Sticking plaster for IE users

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    Sticking plaster for IE users

    Microsoft has announced a temporary fix for a flaw in IE that can allow remote system compromise - exploit code is publicly available. The workaround doesn't fix the flaw and applies to fully up to date and patched versions of IE.

    Full story from source

    For a permanent solution
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    thanks for that,

    what this basically means is that simply viewing a webpage that has included the exploit code and if you are using internet explorer means that the they can run and install something of their choice on your computer.

    To fix this you must change your internet explorer settings to high.

    So if the settings are changed to high wouldn't this affect the websites that are "internet explorer friendly" only?

    I suggest everyone to drop internet explorer and use an alternative atm.

    if you think your safe a great example would be a friend creates a webpage and uses the code. he sensd you the link which you open in internet explorer. it installs a backdoor trojan on your computer. He starts to watch you on your desktop and decided to have some fun by jamming your cd drives and crashing your computer for fun. he also watches you on your webcam and listens to you the noises in your room through your microphone.

    now a more logical use would be to search for something on the web. you go to a website. the website installs a keylogger and spyware without your knowledge. m

    enough said

    switch now!

    thanks curio

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