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Thread: Headset for my Radio Shack phone that won't quit in a year?

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    Headset for my Radio Shack phone that won't quit in a year?

    The cordless phone has worked fine for 3-4 years and is going strong. It cost about $100, I think. It was the least expensive I could find that was cordless and had a jack for a headset--which I need as my hearing is not what it used to be. Also I LIKE having both hands free.

    I've looked and looked online for a good lightweight quality headset that will fit my Radio Shack phone but I find only inexpensive ones: $14 to $20. (Same at Radio Shack.) Their solution to headsets quittting within a year: get our 3-year replacement-for-free deal for extra money.

    One last detail: I need a dual-ear headset as I hear muchs better if using both ears.

    Should appreciate suggestions as to options!!
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    Just my opinion from what I've seen in the past - Plantronics is quality.
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