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Thread: Firefox Greasemonkey extension critical security flaw

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    Firefox Greasemonkey extension critical security flaw

    Firefox add-on Greasemonkey slips up
    The Mozilla Foundation is making available an update for a critical security flaw in Greasemonkey, an extension to the Firefox browser.

    Greasemonkey is a popular add-on used to customize the design and behavior of Web pages. The flaw could let attackers read any file on a user's local hard drive and list the contents of local directories. The update, Greasemonkey 0.3.5, was released Monday, according to the download page on the Mozilla Foundation's Web site. The Mozilla Foundation coordinates Firefox development and marketing.
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    never heard of Greasemonkey extension. I wouldn't want someone to "tweak" my site's appearance after I worked on it. Yes, I know it only shows on their computer but why did I spend all that time on my site for someone to change it's look for their monitor.

    lets people customize Web pages they visit without the knowledge or cooperation of Web publishers.
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