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Thread: New London terror alert

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    New London terror alert

    Terrorists have attempted to set off bombs on tube trains and a bus in London, as the capital's transport system came under attack again.

    Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair said the bombers had tried to kill and maim Londoners - but this time they had failed.

    Three tube trains and a bus were evacuated after small explosions were reported.Reports suggest only the detonators on the devices went off.

    Stations at Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush were evacuated and a number 26 bus was sealed off in the Shoreditch area.

    Reports indicate one person has been slightly injured in the incidents.

    Sir Ian Blair said: "At each of these scenes an attempt has been made to set off an explosive device."

    He said some of the devices remained undetonated, and that police would take their time to investigate each one.

    Sir Ian said there was a clear similarity to the lethal terror attacks of two weeks ago, with four bombs once more targeting tubes and buses.

    Asked if London had this time had a narrow escape, he said: "There can be only one intention here, and that is to kill. This time the intention of the terrorists has not been fulfilled."

    Full report: Sky News

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    Watching Your every move...
    It's disgusting.

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    Terrorists hide in the shadows because they are too fearful to declare an all out war... They'd rather kill innocent people riding public transportation rather than feeling the rath of a countries' military power head on... cowards.

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