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Thread: nice (silent) case from Zalman

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    nice (silent) case from Zalman - nice in the way it opens up and use of heat pipes, I don't like it's appearance closed though..and their graph makes no sense. Granted my case is not silent but it's sure cooler with my CPU fan turned down all the way. Their specification of "normal PC" is hot compared to what I've been seeing and their temps are still hot IMO - Hell, I'm at 32c case temp right now (and it's hot today) with far below 50c (45c) on CPU (fan at minimum) Features are nice though but is it worth the money? Maybe if I had "state of the art" components - (but will be no longer "state" in months so why bother) Price: retail: $1,350.00 Price at Quiet Pc: $1,195.00
    more pics:

    "normal" PC on the left - On the right is theirs

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