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Thread: Ram timings

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    Ram timings

    i got 512MB of some GEIL Ultra Plat..and was thinking of getting more..but the price for 1GBis 120. I've found cheaper 1GB kits but, i was concerned about how getting a couple of sticks with different timings would effect overall performace..any suggestions welcome..and if anyone knows of some sticks with same timings as the GEIL (2-3-3-6) and is cheaper, pls post so i can check it out.
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    Conan or Fastgame are usually the two to go to concerning RAM.

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    Why don't you get two more sticks of the same GEIL like you have ? How fast are you running the ram, stock or OC'n ? or

    How much ram are you trying to end up with ? 1gig or more ?
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