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    win 95

    hey I also got a windows 95. Can any of you tell me how to get it connected to the videotron highspeed cable internet????

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    * Guaranteed technical support on your Internet access for operating systems listed above. Limited support for Windows 95 and NT. It is, however, possible to connect with other systems, namely Unix.
    From the videotron site.

    Windows 95 includes TCP/IP as part of its standard networking components, though it has to be added to whatever device you are using to connect to a network, whether it as a PCI or ISA network card in a desktop PC or a PCMCIA card in a laptop PC. As long as you have some network card that works with Windows 95, you'll be able to use that network card to connect to either a router or a broadband modem.

    (3) If your desktop computer is not equipped with a USB or Ethernet 10BaseT, we will supply a PCI or ISA network interface card (PC only) (fees are applicable). If you cannot install our card on your system, you must obtain a compatible card or adapter. Most recent Macintosh systems come with an integrated Ethernet port. To learn more, consult your system manual or contact your computer reseller.
    Also from videotron.

    If you are using USB to connect to your internet, contact videotron and ask them to send you a PCI or ISA NIC. That should fix any windows 95 issues and USB-based internet connection.
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