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Thread: Crash with Popping noise from Speakers

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    Crash with Popping noise from Speakers

    I just got a used Dell Inspirion 8500 and it crashes intermittantly and emits a popping sound resembling a gunshot before the system restarts. I get a blue error screen for a fraction of a second before the system restart but it is not on the screen long enough to read. I am using a D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+ network card and I think the problem might be related to the card because the card only works sporadically and the crash happened one time while I was "repairing" the network connection. Has anyone heard anything like this? Thanks for your help.

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    Could be the power management on the soundcard. Go to Control panel and double click on SigmaTel Audio. Make sure the power management box is unchecked.

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