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Thread: Anti-Microsoft group campaigns against Windows Vista release

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    Anti-Microsoft group campaigns against Windows Vista release

    The Committee to Fight Microsoft (CTFM) announced that it "has begun a campaign to block Microsoft from releasing Windows Vista to the general public unless Microsoft offers a general and unconditional warranty to purchasers that the program does not include bad code."

    "Bill Gates sells the public defective products," says CTFM Executive Director Andy Martin, "And then expects us to spend years being his guinea pigs, while he corrects the myriad of defects and vulnerabilities in his defective code. This is mass consumer fraud."

    The group did not provide many details beyond Martin's anger against Microsoft and said that it considers "launch legal action" against Microsoft. "Over four years after Windows XP was released I still receive regular 'updates' and 'bug fixes,' which reflect a product that was originally scandalously defective," Martin said.

    Martin was not available for comment to talk about his strategy against Microsoft and whether he considers suing all the other software and hardware manufacturers that are issuing patches, updates and bug fixes on an ongoing basis. Vista and Gates, however, appear to be easy targets for Martin, especially when he announced that he intends to run for Governor in Illinois in 2006.

    Makes sense to me.. but I don't know how successful they will be.

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    This is really a hard topic to discuss.I won't get into it to much because it kinda works both ways in my opinion.

    Sure when we spend our money on a product like this we expect it to work 100% everytime and not be plagued by updates and fixes every minute.Sometimes it can be a pain and others just don't know the importance of these updates which is the cause for most PC problems today that i have seen.It would be nice if further more detailed testing went on with future MS operating systems yet highly unlikely.

    Then again the world of computers and coding are always changing and evolving.There is really no way to provide an "update free" software as people will sooner or later always find a way to exploit hidden bugs.Sometimes there also can be hardware conflicts and such with certain software as we all know.

    Really hard to make a choice but those are my thoughts

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    There is no such thing as a product that cannot malfunction especially when the product is used in an interactive way. Some people freak out when s**t happens but most of us realise you have to roll with it and then continue on serenely. All software can be used in a way that will break it or deliver unexpected/undesirable results, just look at Secunia.
    I'm using Windows 7 - you got a problem with that?

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    To me I think this CTFM sounds like a bunch of script kiddies and crackers. Bet your wondering how I came to that. Well if you think about it script kiddies and crackers are only intent on either destroy someones computer or cracking a piece of software to make it free. They can only counter-act the creation.
    Now creating the software in the first place is the hard bit. The company has to think about needs of users etc and there is soooo much to do, they spend years on it. And then at the end of it, when its released crackers and script kiddies come along and destroy it, either by making it free or making viruses etc.
    To me the CTFM is just a pre-emptive cracker. They havn't creaked anything. All they can do is to stop Windows and to try to destroy it. I think this is the same principle as a cracker.
    Anyways these people are only interested in Windows becuase its the main OS. I know next to nothing about Macs but don't they launuch updates regularly also and make users pay for them saying that they are a different version of the OS? I don't know, I could be ocmpletly wrong there.
    Well thats my ideas. If you can't create somthing yourself, don't get hell-bent on destroy or hampering some else's creation.

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