Trash to treasure: Throw a garage sale with style
Organize the whole sale with help from your computer
Published: June 30, 2004
By Natalie Bahadur
Yard sale sign

For many people, springtime is synonymous with tidying up your household. And what better way to do this than to undertake a massive spring cleaning?

A garage sale is an effective way to eliminate the excess in your home, and you don't have to venture further than your driveway to do it.

"The biggest advantage of a garage sale is getting rid of all the clutter in your house," says professional organizing expert Maxine Henry. It's a great family activity and an easy way to lighten up your living space.
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Setup and Maintenance
Promote your sale with signs

Cathy Pedigo is the author of How To Have Big Money Garage Sales (Winning Edge, 2002), and with 20 years of organizing garage sales under her belt, she says the most important thing to consider when getting started is the promotion of your sale.

To maximize traffic, Pedigo suggests placing an ad in your local newspaper. "That's where most people are going to look for garage sales," she says. "You want to have an ad that's at least five times as long as the others, because you want it to stand out," she stresses. "Also, have directions to your sale, not just the address. You want to make it super easy for someone to find you."

Your computer can be a valuable aid when organizing your sale. "With your computer you can make labels for different items and price tags," says Henry. "You can make things big, bold, and legible."

"You want lots and lots of signs," adds Pedigo. "And you want to lead [customers] from every direction—north, east, south, and west."

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