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Thread: OS X on x86 Videos Get Apple's Attention

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    OS X on x86 Videos Get Apple's Attention

    Thanks to Slashdot...

    Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Wednesday August 17, @07:01PM
    from the almost-getting-away-with-it dept.

    RetrogradeMotion writes "The OSx86 Project is reporting that Apple has served a legal notice to MacBidouille, a French news site that posted videos and instructions on running OS X on x86 hardware . You can find an English translation of the MacBidouille notice on the OSx86Project's forums. This is the first known legal action by Apple regarding the hacked version of OS X and calls into doubt the future of other news sites, similar to the OSx86 Project." Slashdot previously covered the story of hacking OS X onto non-Apple hardware and followed up again a few days later.

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    Leave it up to apple to try to crush something the could turn out well for them.. I know they are not a software company but I truly feel if they were, they'd seriously rival windows.

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