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Thread: Differentiate two OSes that are ghosted

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    Differentiate two OSes that are ghosted

    Hello, I have two hard drives on My Pc. One is Primary C: the other Secondary D:. I ghosted My primary drive to my secondary drive and am using a program that lets me choose which OS to boot before startup. It shows both as WINDOWS XP. I like to know when I choose one of them, which hard drive am I booted into and using Primary or secondary. Cause I can access and view both drives when I am booted up in either drive,so it is confusing me as to which drive using Primary or Seocndary. Boths drive are running Windows XP thats why its confusing. The OS Boot program which is acronis OS selector 5.0 deluxe, lists both drives as Windows XP. Can't tell if it's C: or D:.
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    When you boot one, take note of which option you selected in the boot menu.

    Then go into My Computer... which drive is listed first? That's the drive relating to the boot menu item you selected.

    I think.

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