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Thread: Improve your LCD Display

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    Question Improve your LCD Display

    The LCD Resolution Trick
    (Last updated 8-05-2005)

    Your LCD monitor looks great, but with this little known trick you can make it even better. To do this we display a special image on your screen and then use the auto adjustment feature in your monitor's internal settings. The auto adjuster will adjust to this image instead of what's normally on your screen. This results in text looking sharper and an overall better looking picture. I wrote this so novices could understand but I bet even most experts don't know about this. If you use linux, MacOS, or some other operating system this will still work.

    >But before we being

    Before I show you my trick lets turn on the font anti-aliasing feature in windows. This smoothes the edges of fonts and will make you cringe at the sight of normal jaggy fonts from here on out.

    Right click on desktop, properties, Appearance tab, Effects button, check "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", select ClearType. Standard does the same thing but not as well. Now look back at this webpage, looks better eh? Turn clear off, hit OK, and watch how bad the fonts used to look. Yuck, turn Clear type back on and lets move over to the next section.

    >The Trick

    **DO THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK - I've been using this trick for over a year with no problems. It seems safe and I've never heard of anyone having problems but I can't anticipate how it will effect all monitors.**

    Update: This will only work for VGA (regular) connections. The auto-adjustment feature is not needed for DVI connections. Also this will not work for laptops since they usually don't have the auto-adjustment feature.

    The special image we are using is simple really. It's a pattern of repeating black and white pixels. Go ahead and download this tiny zip file and take out the image that corresponds to the resolution you are using. If you don't know what it is right click desktop, Properties, Settings tab, and look at the "Screen resolution" slider. Throw the image on your desktop for easy finding later. (3k)

    We want this image to completely cover the screen. To do this you will hide your desktop icons, make your taskbar disappear, and make the image your background wallpaper.

    To hide your icons right click your desktop, Arrange icons by, uncheck "show Desktop icons".

    Hide the task bar by right clicking a blank area, Properties, check "Auto-hide the taskbar"

    Now your desktop should be cleaned off. Go back into Display properties and make that image your background. We do not want to distort the image in any way so in the Position drop down menu select "Center".

    Your monitor should show nothing but the special gray image. The final step is to make your monitor do an auto adjustment. Press the menu button on your LCD monitor and find the auto adjustment feature. Yours may be under a different name. Here is a picture I took of my Sony monitor with the menu up. Yours will probably look completely different.

    There you go. In just a few minutes you are now getting more bang for your buck. If you found this helpful please pass it along, post it on forums, email it to friends, instant message, or tattoo it on your forehead.
    I tried this. I don't know if it works, but it's worth trying.

    Source: The LCD Trick

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    I'll give it a go when I get home and try it on my 2 lcds.

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