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Thread: Top 10 of the Worst Black Metal Band Pics

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    Top 10 of the Worst Black Metal Band Pics

    It has been about one year since the release of the original Top Ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Pics, and it is just as popular as ever. Despite the endless cascade of praise, criticism, and death threats -- and the fact that Horgh has become the patron inverted-saint of Ruthless Reviews -- I’ve been reluctant to compile another list. But, alas, the demand is just too high. And so is the volume of totally pathetic source material. So, with some help from the Ruthless Forum Black Metal Horde, I proudly present:
    View: 10 Worst Black Metal Pics

    LOL this is hilarious... they look like Gothic street fighters or something...

    The author of the page comments on each of the top 10. Here's a selection of his writings:
    Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! Vrangsinn got back! If you’ve seen these guys live, you’d know they are totally tongue-in-cheek, (Vrangsinn saunters around the stage in a pair of black speedos) but I never expected to actually see the cheeks! My freaking eyes! That is the flabbiest, cottage-cheesiest abomination of the flesh I have ever witnessed. It looks like a giant slab of weathered and pitted marble. Only Satan himself knows what foul contents have been purged from those unholy haunches, especially after night of drinking cheap beer. Rad! And what the hell could Natte possibly be doing? Taking core samples?

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    The #1 picture was funny, but #5 was funnier/uglier.

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    Number, 4, 1 and five just, traumatised me, its just scary, i never listen 2 black Metal, but god it sad............

    pics 1, 4, and 5 should be put on the site

    Thats how nasty those pics are

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