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Thread: Server C: drive full

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    Server C: drive full

    I have a customer that has a server which is a DC and the C drive is full. Although I mirrored it some time ago the original partition was set up as a basic partition by whoever set it up so I believe that it can't be extended. The mirror however was always a dynamic so I am wondering if I can extend the Mirror - there is 4 Gb of unused space on that disk.

    My plan is to remove the original disk. Break the mirror. Extend the volume on the disk and then add a new disk and mirror it to that. Anyone any experience in this scenario or is there a way of doing it using Ghost or similar? I also have the uncomfortable feeling that it may not be possible to extend a system/boot volume.

    EDIT - quick update

    I have been on it remotely this morning and have shuffled a few things about so I have regained in the region of 1GB of disk space and this will probably be enough in the short term but I still need to get the disk resized so all help would be appreciated.
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    I never tried it, but it does sound possible as you said in the post. I would have a backup just in case thought. As long as your drive is dynamic it should extend fine, but as I read one of them is not dynamic.
    Now this is the DC, which is very important. Do they have a secondary one? They might want to directly buy another server to use as DC too and have redundancy, then transfer the roles, and now you have a backup server, and a faster AD. Servers aren't expensive anymore even. I do have experience with one server which I tried to convert the disk to never botted again until I formated it Luckily, it only had SUS, and I had to install WSUS anyhow

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