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Thread: New Case & Motherboard

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    New Case & Motherboard

    I'm making preparations for a new case and possibly a new motherboard. I'm pretty much out of the loop of whats new etc so I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions.

    For a case I'd like something with a new front with some flashy lights or neon glow, but I'm not overly bothered about having those clear side panels. I'd like to have some usb ports on the front, and something that I've been thinking about is whether there is a method of being able to plug my internet headset into the front instead of having to scrambling around the back and having to inter change my surround sound and internet headset. I'm looking for something with enough room for a DVD Writer, CD player 2 hard drive bays with one or two free slots.

    For the Motherboard, I'd like to buy something that's compatable/ backwards compatable with a P4 Northwood build chip, has USB 2.0, lan, possibly firewire and bluetooth (bluetooth is not a problem as I do have a new dongle). My Mobo of choice would be a jumperless Asus or Gigabyte.

    I'm also aware that 64 bit MS Vista will be coming out soon and I'm wondering if it would be prudent to buy a cheap and cheerful mobo and look to upgrade to 64 bit once it comes out?


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    Motherboard suggestion:

    That's the model I have and it works flawlessly.

    and for a case:

    MOre details on the case at the pccasegear link above.

    As for 64 bit, I don't know. I think Vista will be released as both 32bit and 64. I think after Vista, 64bit chips will start gaining ground but until then, I think it's fine to stick with a 32bit chip. But if you are an early adopter, you might as well spring for a 64 bit set, and get rid of your 32 bit chip.

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    I'm very grateful for your response. I really struggled last night on ebuyer and dabs to find a Pentium 478 motherboard without PCI-E or SLI. I bought a 6600 GT AGP graphics card in July and would be gutted if I would need a new graphics card etc.

    Thats a great case btw. I've been looking at this case:

    Ebuyer Silver & Blue

    I think what I'm going to do is get a motherboard and case and keep saving, once Vista is tried and tested then build a new 64 bit system including new case (something on the lines of the one you have), sound card & graphics.

    *goes back to oogling case*

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