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    command lines

    Does anyone know the command lines for norton antivirus
    2005 to run - then fix or delete - then close the program. I have tried to email Norton and they don't reply.

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    From the Help file (run NAV, Help & Support, then type command in the Search tab):
    NAVW32.EXE is the executable file that launches the Windows interface and scanner. It can be run with command-line switches, typically from the Start menu Run command, to override configuration settings. The command syntax is as follows:

    NAVW32 [[pathname] options]

    Option Description
    Any drive, folder, file, or combination of these is scanned. If you want to scan a combination of items, use a space to separate the items. You can use wildcards when specifying pathnames for a group of files (for example, NAVW32 A:C:\MYDIR\*.EXE).

    All drives, except drives A and B, are scanned.

    All local drives, except drives A and B, are scanned.

    All subfolders specified in the pathname are also scanned.

    Enables (+) or disables (-) scanning of memory (for example, NAVW32 C:/M or NAVW32 D:/M-). (Available on Windows 98/Me only.)

    Only memory is scanned. (Available on Windows 98/Me only.)

    Enables (+) or disables (-) scanning of boot records (for example, NAVW32 A: /B or NAVW32 B: /B-).

    Master boot records and boot records of all hard drives, plus any specified removable drives, are scanned.

    No scan results are reported on screen.

    Set Bloodhound sensitivity (0 disables).

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