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Thread: The Million Pixel March

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    The Million Pixel March

    Dr. Evil would be impressed with the debut of the Million Dollar Homepage. Alex Tew, an entrepreneurial young man in the U.K. created the site in order to raise a little money, a cool million to be specific and he's got a unique method to his million dollar madness, one pixel at a time.

    The Million Dollar Homepage has one million pixels dedicated to advertising. He's selling these one pixel at a time for $1. He's already sold quite about 3000 pixels but he's got quite a way to go, only 997,000 left but he does expect it to take a little time.

    He's maintaining a blog about the site as well and it seems to be interesting as notices trends in sales and traffic. In his FAQ, he details what and why he did what he's doing including what he's going to do with all the money.

    The internet has provided wealth for many people and Tew wants to join that crowd. This is the first time anyone has tried something like this although it's possible one could see similar tricks in the future. It does go to show you though that with a little ingenuity you too could make… ONE MILLION DOLLARS. BWAHAHAHAHA.

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    Seems like a nice way to scam money out of people LOL

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